Published: 14 October, 2019

How to create simple videos for fund marketing

One of the most frequent questions a lot of small and medium size fund managers and finance companies ask us is how to produce video content without breaking the bank (pun not intended). You can take some small steps by producing them yourselves and here is how from Hugo Chamberlain.


  1. Camera. You can use your iPhone, just set it to 4K at 25FPS if possible
  2. Sound. Could use the iPhone mic. This is really up to your budget, but may be worth buying a lapel mic and audio recorder, but you will need one each per person speaking in the video.
  3. Lighting.
  4. Rig. I recommend this. Will hold the light and a mic
  5. Tripod.


  1. Depends on what you have in mind, but if it is talking heads and interviews, best to find a quiet room with no outside light.
  2. Will need to practice framing the shot, but this can be corrected in post production. A bit, but don’t rely on fixing things later.

Post production

  1. Editing. I recommend using Final Cut X, you will need training on how to use it.
  2. Video Logo. Definitely recommend spending £25 with one form the guys at Fiverr to create a selection of animated videos using your logo.
  3. Template. Create a template and formula for all your videos which you can use each time.
  4. Vimeo. Recommend getting a branded Vimeo account once you have some content

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