Published: 19 December, 2022

How To Build A Nurture Campaign and Use Marketing Automation In Fund Marketing

Marketing Automation seems to be another buzzword – or is it?

So if you have been around the sales and marketing automation space for any amount of time or you’ve been in fund marketing even for any amount of time, you have undoubtedly heard or even said some version of the phrase lead nurture or just prospect nurture, nurture or customer nurture or nurture in general, it has become kind of a buzzword.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable, because it is undoubtedly.

Nurturing and Marketing Automation is all about doing more with what you already have. And this is the most impactful thing any fund can do to affect its bottom line without spending an additional cent.

So let’s start with why it’s valuable. So at a high level, nurture is follow-up. It is about staying in touch with and building relationships with your prospects, leads, and investors.

And I include investors there because nurture is not limited to the pre-purchase portion of your investors’ journey. Nurture can happen at every stage of your investor experience because it’s about guiding them towards the next milestone.

And if your investors jump from milestone to milestone rapidly. Then your nurture won’t be as essential for them. But when you design your follow-up, you’re creating it for the people who need the most time and handholding, and you’re planning it for those who do not necessarily need more convincing but need more time to be ready.

The role of nurture is to help address their concerns proactively, to help give them the information and the confidence they need to make an investment decision to move forward.

Nurture is not just about following up with leads. It is about helping people reach the next milestone and helping them feel supported and led, no matter how long that chapter of their journey might take – especially in fund marketing which is a very long sales cycle.
The most applicable part of your business, where it would fit, is following up with leads who still need to become investors. You can capture leads in some capacity, whether through ads, paid traffic, content marketing, partnerships, or trade shows.
You may get leads who are looking for something. A thought leadership piece, a webinar or a physical event, whatever they are exchanging information.
But at a certain point, that initial experience concludes. And if they still need to reach the next milestone, then a gap is created. And the role of nurture is to bridge that gap is to follow up with people who need more time, who have questions, for whom you want to continue cultivating a relationship with whom you haven’t given up on yet.

And that means showing up regularly with content that potential investors find valuable. And it’s not. Are you ready to invest yet? Are you ready to invest yet? Are you ready to invest yet? When you craft your nurture journey, it should genuinely be a service to them.

That’s not nurturing; that’s just pestering.

And so the idea of nurture is to ask yourself, what will serve this person, and how can I lead them toward that next milestone? And then create an automated process that does it over and over.

And this can be a manageable amount of content to produce.

If you make a list, then write down the existing content. This could be blog posts; it could be YouTube videos; it could be podcasts, it could be webinars that you have done. Please make a list of ten and then choose, let’s say, half of those aren’t going to be relevant in an evergreen capacity, but the other half probably are. And so narrow down that list to several resources you feel proud of, that you feel naturally would be of interest to your ideal investor and then organize them into an email sequence.

And it could be an email every week. If you have a lot of content, maybe you’re showing up at a regular cadence, but it could also be once a month. It doesn’t have to be every single day that you’re in their inbox.
It also can be something other than email. You could use multiple mediums, SMS or LinkedIn or Google ads or direct mail pieces. Nurture is about building that relationship. It’s not confined to the inbox. But that is the most common way that we continue that conversation.
You can alternate between content, case studies, and testimonials and then call-to-action, or you can compare the call-to-action with the content itself.

The nurturing campaing’s job is to support the investor or prospects in whatever stage of their journey, guiding them towards the next milestone.

Automation is a powerful tool, and one of the many functions it can serve for a business is automatically nurturing your leads. You do this by providing genuinely valuable content and by not pestering them, and respecting their privacy.


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