Published: 23 June, 2020

How To Boost Communication Between Fund Marketing And Sales Teams In A Post-COVID World

The entrenched nature of so many sales and marketing teams in the funds sector, where each works as a separate silo within a firm and rarely communicates, has looked archaic for years now. And with the increased commonality sparked by the COVID 19 pandemic, this way of working now looks positively ancient – although it is still frighteningly common.

To solve this – and boost AuM in the process – you must stop neglecting communication between sales and marketing. Successful communication and collaboration between these two teams is vital. And thanks to the ubiquity of collaborative tools like Slack, Trello etc, it is easier than ever to achieve. Also, as remote communication is now so much a part of the sales landscape, it’s simple for marketers to drop into sales calls and educate themselves on what clients want and need. This in turn enables them to develop more effective campaigns, which resonate with the target audience. In short, when a marketing team gets on the same side of the table as the sales team – and vice versa – then they learn much about the challenges that are being faced, which creates better understanding, alignment and performance.

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