Published: 13 November, 2019

How ProFundCom Clients Are Using CRM And Digital Marketing To Raise AuM

This is the summary from the ProFundCom webinar “How ProFundCom Clients Are Using CRM And Digital Marketing To Raise AuM

You can access the replay here.

ProFundCom has now been running for 17 years and provides all the tools financial clients – such as hedge funds and asset managers – need to use digital marketing to raise and preserve AuM. The ProFundCom platform provides unparalleled insights into a firm’s prospects and existing investors.

ProFundCom users access all the tools they need through our ProFundCom app store.

And here are a few ways that ProFundCom customers are using this powerful collection of tools to boost their digital marketing and ensure their CRM helps them to raise and preserve assets:

 Campaign Management

Most CRMs will give you basic engagement data – emails opened, docs and links accessed, bounce rates etc. But that’s usually as far as it goes.

Yet our clients are using ProFundCom’s ability to drill down much deeper into engagement data. One example of this is it’s a ability to reveal where the people who are reading your emails are actually based, which is a very useful stat if – for example – you are running events or roadshows and want to know where the majority of potential attendees are based.

ProFundCom is also being used to show trends – such as how campaigns are being received over time, and whether interest is going up or down. This can be taken further to reveal which themes are resonating most, such as by tagging content types and monitoring which formats do best. Some of our clients have also developed a word cloud method, which shows which components and themes are most popular over time.

This type of investigation gives you an excellent insight into what you should be basing your content on to get the most response.


ProFundCom is used to introduce integration within a CRM, so that sales reps can easily bring up a lead deck that instantly shows a list of prospects and takes information from across the CRM to present key data about prospects and investors – without having to jump between various spreadsheets and all the hassle that involves.

With this lead deck, our clients have all the information about each prospect integrated into a detailed breakdown of name, contact details and all previous engagement. Both marketing and sales can see everything about a prospect or an existing investor in one place. So, any communication with that person will be informed by an accurate overview of preferences, interests and any existing investments.

Lead Generation

As part of an integrated overview, ProFundCom also delivers lists of new prospects – those who have just come onto your database – and ‘star prospects’, those who are engaging regularly with your content but haven’t yet been contacted by sales. 

This gives our clients’ sales teams a huge advantage – as they are seeing new leads appear in real time and by acting on this information they can strike while the iron is hot and engage with these prospects at the very moment they are likley to be most respondent to a call.

This has led to our clients’ sales teams using CRMs much more, as they know they can access valuable real-time data on prospects who are ready to engage on a one-to-one basis.


Another key way our clients use ProFundCom is to automatically detect which campaigns bring the most prospects into the database. This gives a useful insight into marketing efficiency and how well, or badly, campaigns are performing.

automation is also used in a simple, but very important way, in the form of reminders. ProFundCom is used to automatically invite people to events and send out reminders to those that don’t respond. Clients are telling us this simple yet crucial step is boosting event attendance by 20% to 30%. Thank you messages are also sent out after the event.

Another important use of automation is in using the ProFundCom API for the factsheet distribution process, so they are sent out automatically to clients.

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