Published: 17 January, 2020

How Labelling Prospects Can Help Boost Fund Investment

The labelling technique is a marketing strategy that involves assigning some sort of label to a person – a trait, belief or interest – and then making a request of them that’s consistent with that label. In fund marketing terms this means suggesting a course of action that’s consistent with what you know about that prospect.

If you’re clever enough to use data properly, you should be one step ahead with this strategy – as you should already have labels attached to your prospective and existing investors. That’s because proper data analysis allows you to track engagement with emails, so you can see what sort of information a prospect wants to read, events they are interested in, their attitude to risk etc etc. And that’s powerful information, because you can then use the labelling technique – both in your emails and one-to-one conversations – to suggest something to a prospect, such as investing in a particular fund, that is consistent with what you already know about them. This will make them more likely to invest with you.

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