Published: 15 October, 2020

How Funds Can Use Digital Marketing Analytics To Raise And Retain Assets – Part Two

This is the second in a series of posts examining how funds can best use digital marketing analytics to increase AuM.

I’ve covered why digital content is needed and how it helps you. But the next question is, what sort of content to people actually want to see from funds?

The usual answer to this question is that performance is most important. Because, if you tell people how well you’re doing they want to know more about you – right?


At ProFundCom, we see that – while performance has a role to play – both prospects and investors want far more than that. They also want to know about your attitude to risk, your investment strategy, and to see thought leadership content.

And the most important of these is thought leadership. More than ever, investors look for insightful, sector-specific content that positions your firm as an authority within the fund sector.

But, of course, it’s not just what you say, but where you say it that helps you to build an audience. So, what are the best channels to use?

In our own experience, there are five channels that work best – LinkedIn, web, email, video, and webinars.

And by far the most successful of these channels is email. This has been especially true since lockdown, as people have been subject to more digital noise than ever before – via IMs, Teams, social media, Zoom calls etc. It would seem that many now turn to email, as it’s the one channel that is not constantly in your face and demanding attention.

So, email gives you the best chance of getting through to your prospects and clients.

The other channels are still important, but you must make sure of one thing – when you distribute content online, you must also put it on your website. Otherwise you are missing a big opportunity, as having content on your website both attracts visitors and makes analysis very easy.

But analysis can reveal a massive amount of data, so which areas should you be concentrating on?

I’ll cover that in my next article…

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