Published: 7 May, 2022

How Funds Can Use CRM And Digital Marketing To Raise Assets In 2022 – Part Two

This is the second in a series of posts examining how funds can best use CRM and digital marketing to raise assets in 2022.

Here I want to look at how and why marketing has come to the fore in the fund sector over the last couple of years.

This is both welcome and long overdue, particularly as – not so very long ago – marketing was a dirty word in this industry.

It was seen as something you bothered with simply because other firms did, but was about as important as the chocolate vending machine in the canteen – only with less exciting results.

That has always been a stupid and old-fashioned attitude. But in 2022 – in the unlikely event that anybody still thinks like this – it’s positively prehistoric.

That’s because the digital revolution has blown apart the traditional linear investor journey, where clients presented themselves on the back of face-to-face advice and were content with an initial meeting and the odd in-person review.

Those days are gone. Now, the investor journey is all over the place. Prospects may find you initially through any number of avenues – social media, online events, press mentions, webinars, emails, thought leadership articles etc etc. And marketing is central to this process, as it is your marketing department that is preparing and distributing the digital content that’s pulling in prospective investors.

As a result, marketing now holds its right and proper place at the top table of essential services – along with sales, risk control etc.

So, you should both invest in your marketing team and give them the opportunity to be let loose on the digital world and use all the methods at their disposal to attract new clients. Because, as a great marketer (possibly Dan Kennedy) once said – ‘the more lines you have in the water, the more fish you’re gonna catch’.

But, of course, you must go about things the right way – and approach your audience, both existing clients and potential investors, in a manner that provides you with marketing intelligence.

The ultimate aim is to have investor-centricity, so you get to know what your potential and prospective investors like and don’t like and what buttons you need to press to both attract and retain assets.

Not as simple as it sounds, obviously, especially with the random nature of the modern investor journey.

But you must try and get there.

And one way to do it is by differentiating yourself from your competition, so you are providing something to prospects and clients alike that nobody else is. When you stand out, it makes it easier to attract prospects in the first place.

This applies to both the content you’re producing and the way you market yourself. But also to the tech you use. Is it really good enough to just rely on big names like Salesforce, Pardot etc, simply because that’s what everyone else does? Or because that’s what they used in your last firm?

Or should you be creating and building a platform that works specifically for your own firm and is geared towards what your own prospects and clients want and need?

That’s not easy – in fact, it’s incredibly difficult as you need the time and skill to develop a bespoke system that connects lots of different platforms. Get it wrong and, let’s be honest, it could cost you your job.

But if you get it right, then the rewards can be huge…

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