Published: 23 January, 2024

How Funds Can Develop ABM With User Identification

You don’t have to be a super sleuth these days to identify investors keen on your products. Technology has done wonders for the B2B marketers’ toolkit, and the capabilities may just be getting started.

Evaluating the appetites of prospective clients, or even loyal followers who check out all of your social posts and marketing outlook articles, relies on data. It’s easy to find it with built-in tools in CRMs or add-ons on LinkedIn to track your customer interactions over time.

Sure, these handy free features can see page views while more expensive paid-for tools can narrow down profile searching criteria. There are also services to purchase buyer profiles. But without worrying too much about the price tag, can they identify how deeply those individuals or companies resonate with your brand?

These analytical tools are less specialist and may not provide the accuracy you need to tailor a sequential content plan to target your top customers in an account based marketing strategy. This is where user identification comes in.

Identification tools can turn anonymous website visitors into names, company names, and more. These users are specifically hanging around on your website, checking out fund information, thought leadership and investment strategies.

If they are regular visitors, they may be a hot lead worth creating hyper-personalised campaigns for. In that regard, user identification identifies the success of your inbound marketing techniques (blogs, forms and landing pages) but creates intel to adapt your outbound marketing strategy too.

Included in that is ABM. Your sales and marketing teams already put forward key accounts based on the information you have gathered in a CRM. This could include company structures, business size, regions, key stakeholders, budget, projected AuM, and the solutions they’re looking for to solve industry problems.

Receiving all of this information instantly is necessary to identify the content keywords, themes and approaches that the once-anonymous page visitor was viewing. All of this is catnip for teams handling ABM accounts to craft a fully personalised digital experience, taking a user from the learning stage to an interested potential customer, and hopefully converting them into a solid business relationship.

Ultimately, this smart technology is a drastic time-saver compared to traditional discovery methods, while quickly identifying valuable prospects can shorten the sales cycle and provide the raise in assets that your targeted ABM approach was hoping for.

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