Published: 3 April, 2021

How Does Thinking Like An Investor Help You With Website Lead Generation?

For your website to be successful in lead generation terms, you need to give people what they are looking for – that’s why you must think like a prospective investor.

So, you must put yourself into the shoes of your potential client. What is he or she looking for from you? What would be helpful to them on your website? What is their attitude to risk? What sort of thing would put their mind at rest in regards to the safety and opportunity of investing with you? Provide the answers to these questions and you both keep them on the site and make them well disposed towards you. And you must involve your sales department in this process. Far too often sales are left out of the loop when it comes to websites, but that is stupid as they know so much about what actual investors do and don’t like. So, set up a meeting with your sales team to go through the website content – and make sure you act on their advice.

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