Published: 28 March, 2021

How Do You Turn Visitors Into Leads On A Fund Website?

For your fund website to work in lead generation terms, you must persuade visitors to your site to sign up for your marketing database – so you can start to send them interesting and useful content that ultimately persuades them to invest with you.

For that to happen, you must offer them something useful – a lead magnet – in exchange for signing up for your communications. This could be a guide for investors, for example, or an explanation of a particular investment sector. Whatever it is, it must be enticing enough to persuade people to sign up to your list. But you must also make it easy for people to sign up – via multiple sign-up forms across your site with clear instructions on what is needed, how data will be used, and what prospects get in return for their details. Lastly, you need to have website content that is both good and helpful enough for your visitors to be prepared to fill out a brief form in order to get more information from you.

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