Published: 7 April, 2019

How Do You Speed Up Your Fund Sales Cycle?

You can significantly speed up your fund marketing cycle by analysing all the sales and marketing data you hold to pinpoint areas where you need to improve. This gives your marketing and sales teams the information they need to optimise the pace of the sales cycle and focus their time where it is most needed.

To do this effectively, you must use your data analysis to draw up reports that provide insight into each stage. For example, where prospects are getting stuck in the sales cycle or where conversion rates may be suffering. These reports can then be collated in one online dashboard. This helps you diagnose the overall health of your sales cycle and see where things are moving quickly, and slowly. Metrics detailed could also include new prospects, new opportunities, converted opportunities, and the percentage change over time. Having this insight, along with data like the average amount of time spent in each stage and the total revenue of all converted opportunities, gives sales reps the information they need to manage their time effectively and ensure maximum speed through the process.

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