Published: 17 September, 2020

How Do You Market To The Invisible Investor?

The world just went digital.

Admittedly it’s a process that’s been ongoing for a couple of decades, but the coronavirus crisis pushed it into overdrive.

Face-to-face contact ground to a halt.

And in the financial marketing sector, things that many firms have been doing in-person – due diligence, onboarding, sales conversations, etc – were suddenly, through necessity, pushed online.

Even after lockdown is just a bad memory, it seems unlikely that this situation will change much. Everyone can now see the ease and simplicity of digital interaction, so the genie is not going back into the bottle.

The result is that the investor journey is now almost totally digital, which has accelerated the rise of the ‘invisible investor’ – those prospects and clients who you never even see.

This has changed the sales and marketing dynamic for many firms in asset management, funds, investment management, private banks etc – sectors where business has often revolved around events, meetings, and hosting at big sports events.
But what does this mean for the financial marketing sector?

In this ProFundCom white paper we’ll look at the rise of the invisible investor and examine how you can best adapt to, and capitalise on, this new reality.

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