Published: 8 April, 2019

How Do You Identify Which Investors To Target With Account-Based Marketing?

To make the most of account-based marketing (ABM), your sales and marketing teams must get together and identify which of your current investors or prospects is likely to merit the ABM approach.

At its most simple, this could mean that you have a financial threshold in place where investments above that line are pushed into your ABM strategy. But, some low-value clients could potentially be very valuable to you, whilst there may be some big investors who would be annoyed by the extra attention from your marketing department that ABM generates. So, sales and marketing teams must get together and assess factors such as how long they’ve been a client, any funds they are currently investing through, their attitude to risk, and their attitude to marketing. This will allow you to build a profile for each potential prospect, which enables you to fully assess their suitability for ABM and – if they make the grade – to guide the type of communication you send to them.


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