Published: 15 April, 2019

How Do You Create Targeted Email Campaigns In Financial Marketing?

To use targeted email campaigns in financial marketing, you must first analyse how your prospects interact with your existing content. You can do this through a platform like ProFundCom, which reveals stats such as which emails and attachments have been opened by each recipient – as well as geographical location and the device used to access the content.

You then use this information to sort your prospects into groups who you know are interested in one particular fund or sector. This allows you to send relevant emails to these groups that are specific to their interests, which is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. They will stand out amidst a sea of spam and build your reputation as a source of trusted and relevant information. Equally, you can avoid sending emails on subjects that are of no interest, which can be both annoying to the recipient and damaging to your credibility.

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