Published: 23 January, 2023

How Do I Write An Email To An Investor About Bad News

When writing an email to an investor about bad news, it’s essential to be transparent and honest while providing context and potential solutions.

Here’s a basic structure you can follow:

  1. Begin with a clear and direct subject line that summarizes the bad news.
  2. Start the email by acknowledging the bad news and taking responsibility for it.
  3. Provide context for the situation, including any relevant background information and its impact on the company.
  4. Outline any actions that have been taken or will be taken to address the situation and mitigate the effect.
  5. Conclude the email by emphasizing your commitment to finding a solution and informing the investor.

Remember to keep your tone professional and avoid using overly negative language. If possible, also include any positive developments or opportunities for the future.

The ProFundCom Sentiment analyser provides a way to assess the tone and sentiment of the email and suggests ways to improve the message.

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