Published: 23 May, 2021

How Can You Use AI To Improve Investor Interaction?

Artificial intelligence has a big role to play in how you communicate with your potential and existing investors – as it gives you the ability to have a conversation without any human involvement.

Perhaps the most obvious way of doing this is through a live chat facility – a chatbot – on your website. This can only answer simple questions from investors, but this could be the difference between them staying on your site and clicking on a competitor’s. AI-powered communication technology can also be extended to your social media accounts, to automatically answer some simple questions. Obviously, AI has an awful long way to go before it can replace the warmth and authenticity of a human interaction. It’s purely there to help with real-time interactions, rather than replace the human touch, and you must be careful to monitor social media and web chats, so a real live human can step in as and when necessary.

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