Published: 11 December, 2020

How Can You Use A CRM To Demonstrate Fund Marketing ROI?

In short, you can use a CRM to demonstrate fund marketing ROI by showing key data metrics that make a recognisable difference to asset raising capabilities. These are based around prospective investors and content. There are a number of asset management, investment management and hedge fund CRM software that are available as well as investor relations CRM.

For prospects, you must show the number of new people on your list, the number of active prospects on your list who are engaging with your content, the number of highly engaged prospects on your list who are engaging regularly with content, and the number of prospects you have recently emailed. For content, you must show how your distribution group is growing, that your emails are convincing and leading to positive action, that your wider content – social, web etc – is working, and what the dropout rate is from your mailing list. Obviously, a snapshot of these metrics is pretty meaningless, so you must be able to demonstrate positive growth over time for them to work in your favour.

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