Published: 13 February, 2021

How Can I Test My Emails For Compliance In Fund Marketing

Normal email have a whole range of compliance regulations that they need to pass.

All of these laws mandate conditions that email marketers need to follow. The penalty are significant fines.

Fund marketer have another whole set of rules

  • FSA Rule SYSC 3.2.6R, which states that ‘a firm must take reasonable care to establish and maintain effective systems and controls for compliance for electronic communication.’
  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Rule 17a-4, which describes stringent rules governing the storage of all electronic messages including email and instant messages.
  • ISO 27001 Security Management Standard. This is an international quality for email and data security and compliance, which was introduced in 2005.

The good news is that ProFundCom has a tool that tests the compliance level of your emails and can be accessed via our free email testing suite of tools.


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