Published: 13 September, 2021

How Can Fund Marketing And Sales Teams Improve Performance Through Shared Metrics?

When you establish a set of shared metrics for both fund marketing and sales teams, you create a situation where a win is a win for both departments, which encourages the two teams to pull together and work as one.

The alternative, and most common, way of working is for sales and marketing teams to be working to different metrics. For sales, success is likely to be defined by the more solid metrics related to investments made. But, marketing is one step back from that process, so success is measured by metrics such as engagement rates and lead acquisition. The problem with this is the two sets of metrics don’t always tie together. It means that what could be a fantastic quarter for marketing may be a disaster for sales, and vice versa. But given that both teams are working towards a common goal of raising assets, this shouldn’t happen. Far better to agree on a group of metrics for success that are mutually beneficial to both your sales and fund marketing teams.

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