Published: 11 January, 2022

Global Strategic – ProFundCom Case Study

Find out how ProFundCom is helping Global Strategic Capital are using digital analytics to raise AuM.

About Global Strategic Capital

Founded in 2013, Global Strategic Capital (GSC) is a Zurich-based investment boutique with a strategic focus on innovation-driven companies.

GSC invests in companies that have viable technical solutions to combat climate change and achieve measurable effects.

Marion Hufschmid – Partner, Relationship Management at Global Strategic Capital – explains what ProFundCom means for her company.

As soon as we saw ProFundCom in action, we were hooked

ProFundCom approached us back in October 2020. Their proposition of how they could help us raise and retain assets through a digital solution interested us right away. And as we concentrate on technology and innovation for our clients – it made sense to incorporate a digital approach into our marketing strategy.

After that first approach, we were interested.

In a webinar and presentation with the ProFundCom team we saw a very promising solution for us.

Price was also a factor in ProFundCom’s favour, as the starting fee for using the platform was within our budget – we didn’t have to commit to a high fixed cost from the word go. It’s not a big, ready-made ‘elephant’ – you can add to it as you go along by adding products from the ProFundCom app store.

In addition, the professionalism of the ProFundCom team was very important and a key factor in our decision to become a client.

Support from ProFundCom helped us implement this powerful platform

Introducing ProFundCom into the business was a challenge, purely as we were not used to it. It needed a change of thinking on our part to understand how to implement and use such a powerful platform.

I couldn’t say it was easy – but the fantastic support from ProFundCom made it achievable. They are very hands on, and the guidance is excellent – so you are never alone.

Many specific aspects of ProFundCom have impressed me

The ease of creating templates through the system, which make our communications look more professional, was probably the first thing that struck me. Also, we used to send out attachments via email, which was clunky and old-fashioned – but ProFundCom enables us to embed links, which adds to the quality of our communications and makes it easier for the recipient to access the information.

We were also very impressed with the analytical power of ProFundCom. We’ve only touched on this huge capability so far, but it’s valuable to know what each recipient has looked at and clicked on.

About three months ago, we added the CRM platform, which has been a game changer for us. Before this, we had to juggle between tools when it came to recording and using marketing information. But now all the analysis is contained within the business card of each client and prospect, so you can see everything you need with just one click.

That’s incredibly useful both in terms of sales and relationship management. One of the beauties of the system is that you can quickly and easily sort your contacts according to engagement levels, and prioritise those who need the most attention.

ProFundCom will grow with us

As our client base grows, so will the way we use ProFundCom – as we’ll have more marketing data to analyse.

We may add to our existing capability through the ProFundCom app store – and have our eyes on greater capability within social media, to make it easier to track and analyse our efforts in that area.

We wouldn’t want to work without ProFundCom anymore

In short, we really like ProFundCom – and we’ve already recommended it to other asset managers.

You never feel like you’re being short-changed and it’s easy for a lean company like ours to set up and use. The support is excellent – if you have a problem, you simply raise a ticket and quickly someone responds with help.

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