Published: 20 June, 2022

Five Steps To Creating And Distributing Great Fund Marketing Content

COVID 19 has changed the world in many ways. And in fund marketing it’s had one big and irreversible effect:

It has forced everyone – whether they like it or not – into the digital marketing sphere.

The move to digital has, of course, been going on for years. But the pandemic turbocharged that process and now digital marketing is here to stay.

As a result, digital content must now be at the heart of what you do as a fund marketer.

So, in this article I’m going to outline five steps you can take to ensure you’re creating and distributing great fund marketing content:

Have A Plan – And Stick To It

This should cover when you’re going to create stuff – webinars, emails, social posts etc – when you’re going to distribute it all, and via which channels. Then tick it off when it actually gets done. You should share your plan internally to ensure everyone knows what they’re doing and that tasks aren’t replicated.

Generate Good Content

Quality content should concentrate on three main areas – marketing commentary, your own investment strategy, and thought leadership around sector news and changes. All these not only inform people, but also mark you out as a firm with knowledge and expertise.

And try and distribute your content through a variety of channels. Studies show most people in our sector favour email as a way of consuming content, but the more ways you get it out there – webinar, website, social etc – the better.

Concentrate On What Works

There are a few tried and tested practices you should concentrate on (while being careful to avoid stuff that may work, but usually doesn’t – like SEO and paid ads). Such as:

  • Target your existing investors: Make sure you’re appealing to those who already invest with you, rather than just going after those who don’t. Not only will that lead to cross-selling opportunities, but it will also lower the redemption rate – as your clients will feel more valued.
  • Recycle your content: Longer pieces of content – like webinars and white papers – can be easily turned into smaller, bite-sized pieces, and added to YouTube in both short and long formats. Basically, the more ways you make your content accessible, the more people are going to hear your message.
  • Use nurture campaigns: This is a series of content pieces that you automatically send to prospects and clients via email. You can make this even more useful by combining it with lead scoring – the process of assigning points related to how people engage with your content.
  • Follow-up event invites: When you run an event, you should automatically resend the initial invite to those who didn’t open it. But you must also follow up on those who opened an invite but did not click on the relevant link, and those who clicked on the link but didn’t register for the event. Both these sets of people may still act when sent an automatically generated reminder. This simple process can boost event attendance by as much as 30%.

Analyse Your Output

This is crucial. Start by observing which themes and channels work best, which particular funds are getting most interest, and also how this relates to geography (what works well in Hong Kong, for example, may be different to what works in the UK).

This is what a platform like ProFundCom does for you and it’s incredibly useful, as it helps you see what’s working and what isn’t in real time – so you can quickly change poorly performing campaigns and double down on those that are working well.

What’s more, your platform can unearth the individual stats – related to specific prospects and clients – that’ll actually move the needle in your fight to raise and retain assets. These are:

  • Prospects who look at almost everything you send them – but haven’t yet spoken to sales. These people are likely to be ready to invest, so need to be contacted by sales ASAP.
  • Prospects who stopped looking at your content – but have now started again, so could be ready to invest.
  • Existing investors who have started engaging with content related to products they don’t currently hold, which points to a cross-selling opportunity.
  • Current investors who have suddenly stopped looking at and engaging with your content. This is a red flag for a potential redemption, so a call from sales is needed.

Basically everything I‘ve spoken about in this article brings you to this point – the ability to uncover data on individuals that are ready to invest. Not only is this going to directly boost AuM, but it gives you a way to prove ROI to your C-suite by linking sales to marketing activity.

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