Published: 26 March, 2023

Five Powerful Automations That Will Boost Your Fund Marketing

How do you do more with less?

That’s the question facing most fund marketing teams, as the powers that be expect them to produce Rolls Royce results on Nissan Micra budgets. And this is especially true at present. Because, when economic times are tough, two things happen:

Tea and biscuits are removed from meetings. Marketing budgets are slashed.

Yet, just as fund marketing teams are left with less money, they are charged with providing more value – as the pressure is on to drum up more business.

So, the C-suite is calling for better results, but with less money to invest. And that’s a tricky position to be in.

Happily, there is a way around this problem – and that’s to use the power of automations in your marketing.

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