Published: 1 March, 2022

Five Fund Marketing Workflows That Help You Raise AuM

It’s a harsh truth of the fund sector that the bigger you are, the more money you attract. It’s just easier, and less risky, for an investor to go with the likes of BlackRock, Vanguard et al.

Basically, their size attracts AuM.

But if you’re smaller, you must fight for it.

And, crucially, you must fight smart. You’re not going to outspend the big guns, so don’t even try.

The only way you can differentiate yourself is through communication – both with your existing investors and those who may invest with you.

And if you can set up workflows that automate this process, then you’re going to make communication a lot easier and more profitable.

So, without any further ado, here are my top five workflows for boosting your marketing communications.

Nurture campaign

This is an automatic process that begins when you get a prospect’s name and email address. This starts a series of automatic communications, but as soon as someone in a nurture sequence engages with one of these messages – by clicking on a link, downloading a factsheet etc – then they come out of the nurture campaign and into your CRM. It’s a simple, but effective, way of separating the wheat from the chaff.

Lead scoring

This means you automatically score your leads according to how they interact with your communications. As a simple example, you give one point for opening an email, two points for clicking a link, three points for downloading a factsheet etc etc. This information can then be automatically pushed out to sales as soon as a prospect hits a certain number of points, thus suggesting they may be ready for a conversation.

Event marketing

Events are a strong part of any marketing strategy. And there is a pretty simple – but extremely effective – automation you can run to boost attendance. This first identifies those who didn’t open the invitation email and sends out a reminder. But it also follows up on those who opened an invite but did not click on the relevant link, as well as those who clicked on the link but didn’t actually register for the event. Both of these sets of people are absolutely prime for an automatically generated reminder – as they are obviously interested. This works incredibly well, with ProFundCom clients who use this method telling us it boosts attendance by 20% to 30%.

You can also run a post-event workflow, where you send out a replay and track the activity. This gives you extra value for your event – especially in regard to people didn’t attend, as it feeds into lead scoring and allows you to assess their interest in your fund.

CRM automation

This means getting an entire digital footprint for each prospect or client within your CRM. So, all the digital data that has been registered – website visits, factsheet downloads, link clicks etc – is there for anyone in your firm to see. It’s a big topic, but in overall terms it means you can build automations and activity triggers related to the online behaviour that is recorded in your CRM.

Preference Centres

When someone unsubscribes from your list that’s it, right? Wrong – as you can turn an unsubscribe page into a preference centre, which presents them with all the wonderful things you do, with a series of tick boxes outlining your different content services. So, a prospect may untick the news box, but remain with you for product updates and manager commentary.

This is basically about FOMO – you want to give them the fear of missing out, so that, although they may ask not to receive some things, they stay with you for others.

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