Published: 5 November, 2021

EVENT::ProFundCom Sponsors Launching Your Hedge Fund Strategy In An ETF

ProFundCom is sponsoring ‘Launching Your Hedge Fund Strategy In An ETF’, a half day event in London on November 17th produced by digital magazine AlphaWeek.

Attendees will learn more about how to structure an ETF, distribution and operations considerations, where managing an ETF is similar to a hedge fund and where it isn’t, and a panel of investors explain when they prefer ETFs to hedge funds and why launching an ETF might be worth considering for hedge fund managers. Visit to have a look at the agenda and speaker roster; scroll down the page for the registration links. Our very own Paul Das will be moderating the opening panel, Structuring and Distribution Considerations When Launching Your ETF, so we hope to see you there. Tickets are free of charge for hedge fund managers.

Wednesday, November 17, 2021, London

Active ETFs are offering an opportunity for hedge fund managers to deliver their investment strategy via this medium. Launching Your Hedge Fund Strategy In An ETF is a half day event in London that will help hedge fund managers curious about the opportunities in this area to understand more about the opportunities – and challenges – involved in launching an ETF.


1330 – 1400: Registration

1400 – 1405: Opening remarks

1405 – 1420: Presentation: The Growth Of Active ETFs And Europe

Presenter: Simon Mott, Head of UK and CMO, TrackInsight

Tapping into the distribution potential of ETFs is the next frontier for active managers. While the US market has seen some great successes, Europe is hot on their heels. However the dynamics of the two regions are very different. In this presentation we will cover:

  • The shape, size and evolution of the Active ETF markets in North America and Europe
  • Who’s launching Active ETFs and where
  • Overview of distribution and regulatory challenges and opportunities
  • Lessons from the US markets, and where Europe is heading

1420 – 1450: Panel 1: Structuring and Distribution Considerations When Launching Your ETF

Moderator: Paul Das, Founder, ProFundCom

Speaker: Laurent Kssis, CEO, CEC Capital

1450 – 1520: Presentation: Operational Considerations When Launching Your ETF

Presenter: Dave Shastri, Chief Strategy Officer, Truss Edge

What are the similarities between operating a typical hedge fund and an ETF and what are the differences? What are the operational demands on an investment management firm in terms of time and human resources? Dave Shastri, Chief Strategy Officer at Truss Edge, will explain everything you need to know in order to inform your decision as to whether launching your investment strategy in an ETF wrapper makes sense from an operational perspective for you and your firm.

1520 – 1540: Break

1540 – 1610: Presentation: How ETF Strategies Shape Institutional Appetite And Capital Flow

Presenter: Grant Fuller, CEO, Irithmics

A successful investment strategy alone can be insufficient to generate anticipated capital flows for a fund. This talk discusses how institutional appetite for ETFs are affected by investment strategies: data and research presented demonstrates how systematic and strategic, manager choices can influence this appetite, enhancing (or eroding) institutional demand for a fund.

1610 – 1640: Panel 2: Investors – Why They Might Prefer An ETF Over Your Hedge Fund

Moderator: Greg Winterton, Founder, Manging Director, AlphaWeek

Speaker: Andrew Limberis, Investment Manager, OMBA Advisory & Investments

Speaker: Karl Rogers, Chief Investment Officer, Elkstone Private


1640 – 1730: Drinks Reception

1730: Close


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