Published: 11 January, 2022

Equinox Partners – ProFundCom Case Study

Find out how Equinox Partners are using ProFundCom and behavioural science to raise assets.

About Equinox Partners

With a 26 year track record and $750 AUM, Equinox Partners seek to be a high conviction, low-turnover investor in public companies that combine value and quality.  As contrarians, Equinox Partners today primarily invest in precious metals miners, emerging markets companies, and E&P companies.

Daniel Schreck – Partner: Head of Business Development & Investor Relations -explains what ProFundCom means for his company.

As soon as I heard about ProFundCom, I jumped on it right away

I first heard about ProFundCom through email, which makes sense! Previously, we’d been using Mailchimp for distributing our content, but had been looking for a way to properly track client engagement for some time. So, when I found out about ProFundCom I jumped on it right away.

We also looked at a similar product – but it lacked the level of granularity offered by ProFundCom, which was the stand-out choice.

ProFundCom speaks our language – finance

As with anything, you need something that speaks your language. And ProFundCom speaks ours – finance. Also, Paul Das is really easy to work with as a developer. He’s the guy who started the company and designed the platform – it’s not owned by some private equity firm – so you know you can rely on him and his team. As soon as I started talking to Paul, I could see this was a no-brainer – we had to have ProFundCom.

It was easy to implement the platform with our CRM, even though it wasn’t a plug and play process. There was some heavy lifting needed to make it happen, but the ProFundCom team worked directly with our CRM provider to set everything up. There was a teething period where everything had to be integrated, but it’s a customisable product so it all worked out. The ProFundCom team were very helpful in getting everything set up – they were always there for us and worked hard to solve any problems and challenges we faced.

ProFundCom has enabled us to do something unique in hedge fund marketing

There are obviously certain impediments to marketing in the hedge fund sector, which can lead to very sales-focussed marketing departments. That can be a blunt tool, but what we’ve managed to do with the help of ProFundCom is to use APIs to link our email marketing to website activity. As a result, we have a significant level of insight into prospects and clients, which is fed back into our CRM. I think the level to which we’ve achieved this is unique in terms of hedge fund marketing.

There will be a time when every firm uses a system like this, but we are a step ahead in using ProFundCom the way we do.

ProFundCom gives us ‘alternative data’ that goes beyond simple open rates

ProFundCom is now part of our integrated suite of marketing tools that provides a smarter way to target the right clients as it gives us ‘alternative data’, which goes a step beyond simple open rates, replies, etc. I want to get inside the minds of our target market in order to deliver our funds as a solution that can solve gaps in their portfolios. ProFundCom gets us one step closer to that goal.

We will continue to tailor the platform with the ProFundCom team, so I’m excited for the future of our partnership.


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