Published: 5 February, 2021

Email Testing Tool For Delivery, Compliance, Blacklisting and Review

Email has remained one of the most dependable channels for digital fund marketer. With the necessity to create campaigns that help raise and preserve AuM the challenges around delivery, design and compliance has never been harder.

With that in mind, ProFundCom has made one of our platforms most useful features available at no charge (registration required) with the goal to provide marketers with the ability to simply the pre-email send process.

We do this in 4 ways

  • Instant Previews – Instantly see how your email will appear on over 70 different email clients
  • Instant Blacklist Report – See whether your sending address is blacklisted on popular domain blacklists
  • Instant SPAM Check – Rate how likely your email will end up in Junk folders
  • Instant Compliance – Compare your email’s content against compliance heuristics

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