Published: 9 September, 2009

Email Hedge Fund Marketing response study by ProFundCom

A recent study by ProFundCom, the email tracking and marketing advisory firm, found that just 10 per cent to 15 per cent of email attachments sent by hedge funds are ever opened by recipients. The low figure has surprised many managers in the industry who believed their highly targeted databases would prompt higher interest amongst their contacts.

The study also highlights the dangers of not identifying interested parties and wasting chances to follow up a lead.

“With all else being equal, investors will favour fund managers that distribute pertinent information effectively and whose salespeople follow up in the most professional manner. We have achieved this using ProFundCom,” Charles Barnick chief executive, of Coronation Fund Managers told WealthBriefing.

Andrew Boyle, director at London Capital says: “In direct marketing, 1 or 2 per cent is a good hit rate through a targeted mailing. In regular emails to a firm’s contact base one might achieve a 10 per cent “click through” on a mailing. We regularly achieve the 25-50 per cent range with ProFundCom.”

“Using ProFundCom improves the efficiency of our clients’ marketing in four ways: by rapidly identify valuable contacts from your prospects and contacts, avoid wasting time working with disinterested contacts, efficiently qualify and progress existing opportunities and effectively identify cross selling opportunities,” said Paul Das, Founder and Managing Director at ProFundCom.

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