Published: 21 June, 2020

Does Personalisation Work In Fund Marketing Emails?

Personalisation can work wonders in fund marketing emails, as it suggests to the recipient the content is exclusively for them.

Even something as simple as adding a first name to a subject line or salutation will boost open rates and engagement.

But the most useful personalisation comes through providing content and offers that are specific to the recipient and are based on their past actions and engagements. So, you need to tailor emails as much as possible to each investor. And this is why tracking email engagement is so important. Because, only by tracking what people actually do with your emails can you determine what is best to send to them. By tracking, you may find out – for example – which prospective investors are most engaged with content about a particular fund. So, you know that future content should focus on this. It can also help you identify and act on cross-selling opportunities. As you can see which existing investors are engaging with content related to another fund or product and send them personalised material that’s related to what they are interested in, thus increasing the chance that the process will eventually lead to a meaningful sales call.

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