Published: 28 December, 2020

Does Covid-19 Mean That Digital Fund Marketing Is The New Normal?

The simple answer to this questioning is, yes – the pandemic means that all fund marketing has been pushed into then digital sphere through simple necessity.

But the longer answer is more complex. The shift to digital fund marketing has been going on for decades, and coronavirus merely accelerated its dominance. Equally, when the pandemic is just a bad memory, investors will once again attend in person events and meetings. However, the ease and accessibility of online interaction – combined with a new influx of investors for whom it is second nature – means that digital is here to stay. For the vast majority, the investor journey will take place almost entirely online, meaning it is no longer linear. Whereas once it went, basically, from first contact, to meeting with a relationship manager, to sale – now the journey is made up of various digital touchpoints, which lack a cohesive structure.

This will tie in ultimately into the regulation of hedge funds and hedge fund marketing strategy.

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