Published: 15 February, 2021

Does A Client Profile Help With Effective Blog Marketing For Funds?

A well-devised client profile of the type of person who is most likely to invest with you helps immeasurably with blog marketing in the fund sector. Without it, you will struggle to appeal to the right kind of investor.

Building a profile will take some interaction between your marketing and sales teams to help you establish the type of leads then go on to invest with you, as well as the type of existing investor who is most likely to increase their investment. You must also look at data you have derived from email marketing campaigns. A platform like ProFundCom can be used to dive deep into this treasure trove of information to find out what people on your list have engaged with in the past – which emails have been opened most, and which links and attachments have got the most interaction. Looking at all this data – together with input from marketing and sales – will provide you with enough information to build a strong client profile, which you can then use to devise what sort of content will appeal most to this person.

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