Private Bank digital marketing representation

Digital Marketing for Private Banks

Understand your clients better and deliver relevant experiences by utilising powerful analytics.  Drive customer loyalty and engagement with personalised digital journeys. Easily manage online and live events and ensure your relationship managers know exactly how a prospective or existing customer is engaging with your brand.

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As a private bank, digital marketing analytics and insights should be viewed as tools to supplement existing relationships and not as an opportunity to reduce the quality of the personalised service a client would expect.  By adopting a customer-centric approach with your digital marketing campaigns, you can effectively build brand loyalty and gain trust by imparting knowledge and expertise. Empower your relationship managers with invaluable customer insights and help them to keep closer to their clients.

ProFundCom’s specific solutions for private banks will enable you to access a single view of business intelligence and understand how your campaigns are performing across all your channels. Deliver personalised customer journeys and gain deep insights into what content is resonating with your customers.


Increase efficiency with ProFundCom’s powerful automation designers.  Set automated actions based on specific triggers and build powerful personalised experiences by delivering the right content based on your client’s preferences.


Track engagement across all your digital channels, score contacts based on their activity and ensure your relationship managers keep close to their customers. Seamlessly deliver intelligent engagement data into your CRM and track a client’s investor portal activity.

ROI Reporting

Access a single view of critical business and marketing intelligence.  Understand how your campaigns are performing across all your channels, month on month.  Effectively report on marketing ROI so you know where best to allocate marketing budget and resource.