Blog: Dealing with the Bounce

Published: 25 March, 2011

So when we are marketing our funds and no matter what size of email lists we have – we are always faced with the Out-of-Office emails and the undeliverable emails. Out-of-Office emails are simple enough – they will be there later. But what about undeliverable emails – do they require some attention like a friends door that you have knocked on, only to find they have moved away…or even worst.

Whilst initially daunting, dealing with undeliverable emails or bounce-backs are a very simple way to improve your hedge fund marketing. The people who are bouncing back on your list were on your list for a reason, and there was a cost of acquiring that email address either from a meeting, a trip or an event. If you can go into “enquiry mode” and find out who their replacement is can actually restart the sales process again and probably give you the intelligence to also find out where they have moved to.
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