Published: 30 January, 2021

Dark Mode Emails – Tips and Tricks

Dark Mode is a relatively new option that is beginning to appear on many devices. It is designed to reduce the brightness and contrast of the screen to be easier on the eye.

There are a few different email clients which allow Dark Mode and they all behave slightly differently.  Dark Mode will shift the colours so they are less bright in Dark mode. This isn’t a simple colour invert, although in general light colours will be made darker.

Apple Mail: Primary colours are kept the same; light colours are made darker; dark colours are made lighter.
Office 365 (apple): All colours are made darker
Office 365 (windows): The saturation is reduced, light colours are made darker; dark colours are made lighter.
GMail mobile: Black-on-white text is inverted; white-on-black text is changed to grey-on-black; colours are not changed





Apple Mail on iPhone will also ignore the inner background colour, meaning the outer background colour will ‘bleed’ into the rest of the block.


  • Choose colours that won’t clash if Dark Mode shifts them.
  • Consider choosing a ‘neutral’ outer background colour if a significant number of recipients are using iPhones in Dark Mode.
  • You can preview exactly how your template will look on a number of devices in Dark Mode by choosing ‘Email Delivery Checks’->’Instant Previews’ from the template list.
  • You can view which devices your recipients are using in Campaigns screen, under ‘Device Statistics’.

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