Published: 11 January, 2022

Connection Capital – ProFundCom Case Study

Connection Capital use ProFundCom to help them automate the asset raising process.

About Connection Capital

Connection Capital is an alternative investments firm offering HNW investors direct access to UK private equity and debt transactions, as well as commercial property deals and third party funds they would otherwise be unable to access.

Ben Cowley – Head of Marketing at Connection Capital – explains what ProFundCom means for his company.

Once we’d heard what the software could do, we were ready to sign up

We came across ProFundCom a few years back. It had been somewhat under the radar for us, so we didn’t know much about the platform before we had a meeting with Paul and Victoria. But once we heard what the software could do, we were ready to sign up.

The platform was easy to implement. The ProFundCom team were very helpful and always quick to answer questions – within 30 minutes if not sooner.

It was a big improvement for us. We had been using fairly rudimentary techniques for communication via Dotmailer, which gave us some information on opens and clicks – but nothing more. ProFundCom gave us the opportunity to go deeper.  It also allowed us to see who was visiting our website and what they were looking at.

Basically, it’s given us better, wider and broader marketing intelligence than other available software. ProFundCom provides deep analytics on all our campaigns, so we can see how each recipient has interacted – right through to engagement on our website. This is vital information.

ProFundCom’s automation feature helps us

Once we started using it, we found there were many other useful features and functions in ProFundCom.

One of the key ones was automation, where we use a drip campaign that automatically sends out certain emails based on behaviour – if clients do/don’t open an email etc. We’ve tried different messages in this regard – tracking results each time.

We want to strike while the iron’s hot

We also use ProFundCom for other aspects of analysis. In particular, it speeds up the activation of clients – from coming on board with us to actually investing. ProFundCom has a nifty thing called the Lead Deck, which allows you to set filters and segment cohorts, which enables us to track the activity of these ‘non-invested clients’. This gives our sales team really valuable information and we’d like to expand the use of ProFundCom in this area.

The way we work at the moment, is that our sales people use the data provided by ProFundCom to inform their conversations. But I want to move things forward so that we are looking at data to reveal when they are most engaged, which is obviously the best time to speak to people – so we can strike while the iron’s hot.

ProFundCom is a business-critical system for us

One of my jobs is to ensure that whatever software we are using actually accelerates business growth – and ProFundCom has definitely delivered in that regard.

They are a great team, nice people and we have a really good relationship with them. In short, it’s a business-critical system for us.

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