Published: 31 October, 2021

Checklist: Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Marketing Automation Tool For Your Fund Marketing

Will we be able to measure the performance of marketing activities and how it affects AuM?

The first thing to do is determine how you will define and measure marketing performance – opens, clicks, views or downloads. Also determine which channel you want to track – email, website, social, video, investor portals or fund platforms. Then pick the right platform for the job – ideally one that is not generic. A robust marketing automation tool built to grow with your fund and have a suite of Apps to integrate with other marketing tools you use or other channels you may want to expand to.

Can my marketing automation scale as the fund grows?

If your marketing automation tool provides Apps that provide additional functionality, you won’t ever have to go through the hassle of switching solutions when your fund requires more robust tools.

Will my marketing automation software increase marketing and sales alignment?

Marketing automation software that supports integration with your sales tools and helps the sales and IR teams in raising and preserving AuM, makes it easy for marketing and sales teams to share data, leverage reporting insights, and stay more aligned.

Will we be able to improve the quality of leads that are passed from marketing to sales?

Giving your teams tools designed to raise AuM will increase sales efficiencies, especially when leads are split out based on behaviours that indicate a desire to invest in the fund or to potentially redeem.

Will we be able to build branded email templates faster and customize them to our various funds?

Choosing a marketing tool with ZERO CODE and an easy-to-use template builder will let you build custom templates quickly with images that don’t require downloading. It is also important that email delivery, formatting and compliance can be tested in real-time.

Will we be able to nurture our leads?

Marketing automation tools that offer lead grading and lead scoring functionality can help you pinpoint the best leads to nurture. From there, automated lead nurturing ensures each lead gets the right content based on their engagement history. Look for lead nurturing and drip campaigns as part of any marketing tool you consider and also how this data is automatically surfaced

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