Case Study

Fortis Investments – Giving Their Sales and Marketing Team Qualified Leads

“As an early adopter of ProFundCom, we saw the immediate potential past existing emailing tools and read-receipts.  We could not do our jobs without the analytics from ProFundCom; it makes calling prospects almost pleasurable again.”

Christopher Wadsworth, Director – Fortis Investments

The Problem

Fortis simply wanted to know: who was reading their fact sheets. Would their prospective clients benefit from a call? However, the firm’s internal review pointed to the fact that this most basic part of the sales process – establishing a pipeline of prospects  interested in your product – was not being done.

The ProFundCom Solution

ProFundCom addressed and corrected this issue, providing the Fortis sales team with data on interested prospects either via instant alerts or a daily journal. Every morning, each member of the Fortis sales team had a list of people who had accessed their communications, website and LinkedIn posts within the last 24 hours, allowing them to run their own campaigns. The immediacy of the information meant calling prospects while they were interested.


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