Case Study

Dalton Strategic Partnership – Building Confidence For The Sales Team

“ProFundCom provides Dalton Strategic Partnership with the intelligence to know who are interested in our funds and how our sales team are best placed to engage with them. ProFundCom’s lead-nurturing program has delivered the right intelligence at the right time to both our sales and marketing team. “

Magnus Spence, COO & Business Development Head – Dalton Strategic Partnership

The Problem

Dalton Strategic Partnership needs to keep a large universe of contacts updated about fund performance and market commentary. However, these contacts are at different stages of the fund investment process and need to be efficiently targeted with the right information at the right time.

The ProFundCom Solution

ProFundCom used its advanced reporting capabilities to create a lead-scoring process based on digital behaviour of people on Dalton’s digital assets. This ranked leads in a way which defined ownership, communication needs and what follow-up action was required. This was based on criteria such as contact function, role, company size and industry. By evaluating prospects at a deeper level the firm was able to develop a more focused, and thus more efficient, approach.


Investment management


London, Hong Kong and Mumbai.


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