Published: 18 July, 2014

Coronation Fund Managers – Raising and Preserving AuM

“ProFundCom took all the guess work out of the sales process.”

Charles Barnick, CEO – Coronation International

The Problem

Coronation Fund Managers manages over $1.2 billion in global funds via its London arm, Coronation International. It needed to identify cross-selling opportunities among its investors, motivate and support a network of third-party distributors, and regularly communicate with some 3,000 current and prospective investors. The company spent considerable time and resources each month producing a monthly newsletter that would reflect the quality of its funds. Unfortunately, no one actually knew how many people read this – let alone who read it – and so its sales team started each day without knowing who their best prospects were.

The ProFundCom Solution

Coronation started designing and sending email campaigns using ProFundCom’s platform. As a result of using ProFundCom., the guess work was taken out of the sales process. The sales team received daily and weekly reports telling them who had read their marketing material, and which products they had displayed the most interest in.

The benefits to the sales and marketing process are:

  • The sales process is based on good market intelligence
  • Profiles of clients and prospects can be continually developed
  • Focusing follow-up on the most profitable prospects saves time
  • Cross-selling opportunities are effectively exploited
  • Fewer overall opportunities missed


asset management including hedge funds and funds of funds.


Cape Town, Johannesburg, London, Dublin, Gaborone and Windhoek.

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