Case Study

Capstone – Solving automation, management, analysis and digital distribution needs

“ProFundCom offers excellent features in an easy-to-use format and is eager to help enhance users’ experience. From the website interface to the customer service, the ProFundCom team strives to improve their communication products based off customer feedback. Furthermore, ProFundCom is a trusted source for marketing solutions and state-of-the-art technology concepts. The quality of service provided to users by the ProFundCom team is truly unmatched and Capstone is proud to be a partner of such a high quality company.”

Leslie Blake – Capstone

The Problem

Capstone needed a way to automate, manage and analyse their email and digital distribution. This included fund material, event invitations as well as bespoke promotional material. The system needed to have an API for automation as well as provide a completely compliant system for SEC and internal compliance team requirements. Capstone were looking to partner with a technology company that had a deep understanding of asset management“>asset management”>asset management and its associated regulations, compliance issues.

The ProFundCom Solution

Having looked at a number of solutions it was clear that ProFundCom was the platform that met all their criteria as well as their support and service requirements. Especially important was the integration to Global Relay to provide email archiving to satisfy internal compliance requirements.


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