Published: 13 June, 2021

Can You Use An Email List To Make Your Fund Marketing More Investor-Centric?

Yes – in fact, in terms of investor-centric marketing, having an email list of prospective clients is vital, as it allows you to send personalised messages directly to each prospect.

You can persuade people to sign up to your list by putting valuable content behind a digital ‘gate’ – on your website and elsewhere – so that anyone who wants to access it must give you a name and email address in return. Obviously you must make it clear they will be joining your list and ensure that it is an active choice, by ticking a box for example – rather than just putting them on the list without their express permission.  And what you give away in return for an email address must be something suitably meaty and helpful, which underlines your financial expertise and knowledge. This will boost your profile in the eyes of the recipients and also make them more accepting to the emails that will follow. Of course, any email list is only as good as the emails you are going to send out to those on it, so your emails must be closely aligned to the interests and worries of the person receiving them.

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