Published: 17 November, 2019

Can Event Sponsorship Help Your Fund Marketing?

The answer to this question would seem to be yes, as so many fund companies sponsor events – sporting and otherwise. But the sponsor’s name is often lost in midst of it all? However, by sponsoring something a bit different you can ensure your name really stands out to investors.

This is something Red Bull did very successfully in 2014, by sponsoring the Red Bull Stratos high altitude diving project, which saw skydiver Felix Baumgartner leap to earth from the edge of space to set a world record for the highest ever skydive.  The company ran the whole operation and Baumgartner was bedecked in Red Bull name, logo and colours throughout. It was a massive event – recording 8 million views of the live feed – and is forever linked with Red Bull. The lesson is that by organising and sponsoring something that is new and innovative – and that you are behind and control – can make your fund brand really stand out in the eyes of potential and existing investors.

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