Published: 25 October, 2021

Can Automated Marketing Reporting Boost Growth For Your Fund?

The answer to this is yes, as you can use automation to identify and build on your marketing successes and develop a programme that helps you to grow. Equally, identifying campaigns that aren’t performing helps you avoid wasting valuable marketing budget.

One of the big ways that automation can help is by analysing lead sources, so you can see where most people are being drawn into your funnel. It may be, for example, that a lead magnet on a particular web page is performing very well. You can then replicate this elsewhere. On a more general level, automated reporting also helps you find out which channels generate the most leads, so you can see where you need to concentrate your marketing firepower. However, with all your reporting, you must make sure that you follow leads through the system to see how many actually turn into clients. You may find certain channels and campaigns produce lots of leads, but these do not translate into many sales. From a growth perspective, you need to know what is actually bringing in money, rather than just interest. Closed-loop reporting works best in this regard. This means using data and information from both marketing and sales, so you can use it to examine campaigns as a whole, rather than in a way that’s only pertinent to one team. This shows you the type of content and channel that a client-first interacted with, enabling you to tie successful sales conversations to individual marketing campaigns.

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