Published: 19 February, 2023

Bullet Point and HTML emails

HTML Bulleted lists are always a bit tricky, as you’ve probably found when making them.

This isn’t limited to your email editor or designer; they’re just nasty to make in a text-based editor due to the HTML pattern that they use. You can use combinations of Enter and Shift-Enter when creating new lines to get them to do what you want. Within a bullet list, Enter on its own will make a new bulleted line. Shift-enter will make a line break without creating a new bullet.

The way to do it is to first ensure that the text for each list was plain with no extra formatting by copying & pasting it from the editor into Notepad. Then remove the lists from the template and save it, then used the delivery studio to make sure there were no extra line breaks showing.

Then prepare the space each list was going into by making extra paragraphs with Shift-Enter. Having things in their own paragraph means the style isn’t going to ‘leak’ into other parts of the text when you apply it.

Then paste in the text from Notepad and apply a bulleted list to it. Things immediately looked strange as the editor tried to make the entire thing a single bullet, but I went back and used Enter to add the bullets in the correct place, shift-enter to add the line breaks after each item, and deleted any extra line-breaks.

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