Published: 21 February, 2022

Atlantic Conquered – 59 days, 2 hours and 39 minutes

Victoria Carroll, Head of Marketing at London & Capital, has been passionate about rowing since she was young.

She always managed to combine her passion with work, but she and her crewmate   have completed the 3,000-mile race across the Atlantic! The ProFundCom Foundation, in a very small way, is delighted to have been part of the journey.

Here is the video of their arrival in Antigua.


From the Tideway Odyssey Instagram

Our girls have made history! More people have climbed Everest than rowed the Atlantic. They took on this adventure to challenge themselves and to challenge and smash stereotypes. They have certainly done that.

It has been the greatest pleasure and an even greater honour to be behind the scenes here; helping to tell their story to you all. Thank You for getting involved. Thank you for coming along for the ride and all your emotional and financial support, you have given the girls the motivation to power on in dark times and through donations will have made a huge difference to three fantastic charities. And Thank you for all the Mermaid Mail


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