Published: 25 May, 2022

Abner Herrman & Brock – ProFundCom Case Study

Find out how Abner Herrman & Brock are raising AuM with ProFundCom.

About Abner Herrman & Brock

Abner Herrman & Brock is a registered investment advisory firm specializing in customized, separately managed equity, bond and balanced portfolios utilizing individual securities. Founded in 1981, AHB has in excess of $1.6 billion in assets under management and has established a reputation for solid long-term portfolio team-based performance, investment transparency and the highest standards of ethical investment management. The AHB investment decision-making process brings more than 100 years of investing experience to the management of each client portfolio.

Alexander DiGregorio, Relationship Manager at Abner, Herrman & Brock, explains what ProFundCom means for his company.

I heard about ProFundCom when I was looking for a new platform to help us with email marketing campaigns. I needed something that was specific to the asset management space and searching on that basis quickly led me to ProFundCom.

We had been using a similar platform for emails, which – like ProFundCom – is specifically designed for finance. But we were struggling with poor deliverability and open rates. When I spoke to Paul at ProFundCom he ran me through a comparison between the two platforms and was completely honest about how they matched up – not just the advantages of ProFundCom, but also what he saw as the disadvantages. It never felt like a sale, it was an honest conversation about what was best for our firm and it made me want to give them a try.

Our email open rate has tripled with ProFundCom

One of the specific problems I discussed with Paul was the difficulty of getting emails sent to financial advisers at one of the large wirehouse firms. Paul assured me this was something ProFundCom could help us with – and it has! I couldn’t be happier, as our delivery rate has shot up and we aren’t facing the high blockage that happened previously.

Also, it’s very easy to create and customise emails with ProFundCom and then track engagement. It allows us to see who is engaging with what, so it’s easy to identify warm prospects and target them accordingly, which obviously increases our ability to close sales. Prior to using ProFundCom, we didn’t have that data, which made life difficult as we couldn’t assess how best to communicate with those on our list.

In terms of figures, our open rate has approximately tripled since we started using ProFundCom – and our engagement rate has also risen. And it is much more cost-effective, as the ProFundCom fees are half what we were paying for the other platform.

Implementation was a walk in the park

Implementing ProFundCom was straightforward. ProFundCom did most of the work at their end – I just had to send things over to them – so it was a walk in the park for us. And one of the nicest things about the team is they are always available and happy to speak with you. We are on the east coast of the US, but – although ProFundCom is in the UK – I could reach out at any business hour and get immediate help.

We’ll expand our use of ProFundCom in the future

We are currently just using ProFundCom to create and send emails, but will be looking at other features soon, such as the CRM. I’m also interested in many of the apps in the ProFundCom AppStore.

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