Fund Marketing; The 5 Pillars of Running a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

Published: 3 June, 2021

As most funds are now embracing digital, we are often asked for tips and advice on how best to orchestrate digital marketing campaigns, as it goes way beyond simply sending fund factsheets to your investor base.

Planning is absolutely vital. From identifying your ideal outcomes, to defining your target audience, there are many moving parts and some campaigns fail as a result.

In this 30-minute educational session, we’re going to share our learnings and take you through the key components of planning and executing a successful digital marketing campaign.

Join Paul Das, CEO of ProFundCom, on the 18th June at 2pm when he will be covering:

• The difference between a digital marketing strategy and a digital marketing campaign
• How to develop marketing objectives
• The importance of looking at past data
• Identifying a target market – quantitative and qualitative approaches
• Integrating multiple channels

Please register here to confirm your attendance. A replay will be sent to you if you’re not able to make it on the day.

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