Webinar on Communicating effectively with email in financial services

January 29, 2013

Webinar, London Time Zone

For years financial services firms have spent thousands of pounds carefully identifying who would benefit from their services; they’ve invested time and effort into producing fantastic research papers for prospects to read and events for them to attend. But what happens when the emails go out?  

First Webinar "Communicating effectively with email in financial services" Tues, Jan 29, 2 pm (GMT)

ProFundCom is introducing a series of webinars from which you can learn how to get the most from your email marketing. The series will help you:

  • Identify the optimum frequency of email communications
  • Communicate effectively to generate leads
  • Measure return on investment
  • Re-engage with those who don’t open your emails
  • Simplify event management organization by email
  • Understand compliance implications within email and social media messages

The webinars will run on the last Tuesday of the month at 2 pm,(GMT) starting on the 29 January with “Communicating effectively with email in financial services”.

Click here to view a recording of the event »

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